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No one can learn all about international business in 1 minute. But you can get familiar with many basic issues, and avoid making costly mistakes. Any mistake you can prevent far outweighs the price of our product.

We have compiled a bunch of international business minutes to help you, the viewer, get a handle on international business…

Free International Business Videos


Global Business – Three Bad Strategies for International Business


Bill Decker is founder and managing director of Partners International Inc. He consults in foreign and domestic market penetration, negotiation, cross-cultural understanding, and strategy for Start-ups and company growth.

He has over two decades of experience bringing firms into new markets around the world and has lived overseas for over 14 years. He has lived in Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Western, Central and Eastern Europe. His industry experience includes media (traditional and electronic) information, business services, hi-tech, healthcare, and energy…

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International Business Radio Show

The Business Drink

The first real business drink was coffee. (It still is). Prior to the arrival of coffee in Europe in the 1600’s, people drank beer and spirits while conducting business. When coffee hit the scene, people embraced it immediately. Unlike beer, coffee makes one alert, interested and heightens intellectual capacity. Coffee was quickly branded in The Netherlands as “The Business Drink.”

“After years of conducting international business, and being involved in media, it became time to do a true International Business Radio Show. But we wanted more than knowledge; we wanted to have fun as well.”

Why We’re Different

Most international business radio is part of regular business radio, and usually talks about the “deal of the day.” That type of content is like milk… it has an expiration date. For example, 2 weeks after the largest Asian or European merger happens, no one cares…

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