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Comprehensive Therapy

We blend multiple approaches into a structured daily schedule that challenges the men to do the intensely introspective work that recovery demands while shoulder-to-shoulder with their brothers.

Developing honesty, vulnerability and accountability.

​Group therapy is the single-most effective therapeutic approach in substance use disorder treatment. It mirrors what most people experience in their lives: finding their identity in a system of people, navigating personal feelings while listening to others, taking risks about personal issues with peers, bonding, confronting, and holding each other accountable. These are all skills necessary for a balanced and productive life…



Community Immersion

We believe that being part of a community is vital to the recovery of the young men at Voyage. Addiction breeds isolation; young men distance themselves from family and friends as these people interfere with their ability to use.

Family, friendship and fellowship.

​Our program teaches accountability and healthy interdependence through a practical rebuilding of a community, which we define as family, the men at the house, and the people of Martin and Palm Beach County. We support strong boundaries and healthy communication as necessary elements in the restoration of family.



The Voyage Residence

The Voyage residence was designed with a commitment to creating a sacred space of recovery. Our home sits on the Indian River Lagoon as it extends to Jupiter Inlet. The house is open and expansive, and life inside it mirrors this feeling.

Young men get better together.

​We are earnest about the men spending their time together, and isolation is not an option. Each floor has a dedicated common area. The communal area on the garden level is for reflection. Unlike the other common areas of the house, this space is quiet and meant for contemplation and introspection…


Addiction rehabilitation for young adult men with substance use disorders, and intensive family programming in Hobe Sound, FL.

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