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Video Marketing


Add the power of video to increase your authority and link diversity.

Video is one of the hottest ways to drive traffic to websites. Where do your customers go for entertainment, education, and news? Are you capturing those customers?

Your customers probably spend more time watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, Google Video and other video sharing sites than they spend reading content. Are you taking advantage of that fact?


Grab traffic and rankings from the top 10 video sites.

The search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo are reflecting this change in people’s interests by showing videos on the first pages of most searches. Let us help you grabbing those important spots.

Video Marketing

Increasing your website ranking with videos

Videos do not only put your message in front of people on video sharing sites, but they can increase the ranking of your website at the same time. How?

On many video sharing sites, including YouTube, you can include a link to your website in the description. This makes it easy for viewers to click through to your site, while at the same time giving you an added high-quality backlink. The increase in SEO benefits paired with direct traffic will increase your leads and sales quickly.

But the time to submit videos is the most common complaint we hear from business owners and marketers when they talk about video marketing. Is this your concern, too?

If you believe uploading videos, and filling the profiles with optimized descriptions is too hard and takes too much time, we have an easy solution. Instead of spending hours sitting at your computer uploading your videos one at a time, and filling out descriptions, you can just turn it over to us.

Two of your videos are uploaded to 10 of the largest video sites. Your uploaded videos will drive interested and motivated customers to your sales and product pages where you can give them the additional information.

Instead of using your time to manually create accounts, waiting for the uploads to finish and write descriptions, you could be working on closing more deals, increasing sales, or just relaxing. We can do the entire process for you at a very low price.


What do you get with our Video Link service?

  • 10 New, Optimized Video Accounts
  • 20 Video Uploads On Large Video Sites
  • Unique Titles, Descriptions and Back Links on Each Video Platform
  • Excel Report With Login Details


Order your Video Marketing Links package for $200