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Want to dominate the front page of Search Engines with a product? Links from social shopping sites can make that happen.

If you’re trying to increase the number of visitors to your webshop, you should look into Social Shopping sites. Visitors generated by these types of sites typically spend quite a bit of money in your webshop.

Sites like and are fantastic examples. Check out the examples below to see how online stores promote their products on these sites (pretty impressive stats!):

Big brands using social shopping to make big profits.

What makes social shopping sites such an effective asset?

Social shopping is the future when it comes to online shopping.

“To resolve uncertainty of what to buy, we often look to what others are doing or have done, and take our cue from them. When a product stands out as particularly popular or dominant, we instinctively perceive this as social proof that it is the correct, most valid option.” (source: How Social Commerce Works: The Social Psychology of Social Shopping | Digital Intelligence Today)

In order to reap the benefits, online stores act on this information by sharing their own products on social shopping sites. Most sites will often allow shoppers to add products to wish-, favorite- or gift-lists. Every time this occurs with a particular product, that product will grow in popularity, bringing more attention not only to the product itself, but to the webshop as a whole.

Even better is the fact that literally millions of people visit social shopping sites everyday, searching for products, liking them, and sharing them with friends.


How does BizBright help?

Our goal is to increase the visibility of your products, as well as your online store. To do so, we have selected the 10 largest social shopping sites, getting the most traffic. Here is a brief outline of what we do for you:

  • We create 10 professional accounts, compiled with accurate and detailed information about your webshop.
  • Every account we build contains an avatar, profile description, contact details, and links to any associated social media profiles.
  • From there, we add 100 products (10 per each social shopping site). Just like the profiles, the products are listed with as many details as possible including a relevant title, photo, and a product description. While the process is quite meticulous, the payoff is well worth the effort.
  • Along with accurate profile and product descriptions, each and every account is optimized for optimal SEO benefits. In some cases, a store owner may want to emphasize a specific product or category to potential shoppers. Not a problem! We can easily optimize your accounts for a specific product or category.
  • All of this takes place within a 14-day period. After 14 days have elapsed, a complete report containing all of the login information is sent to you.


How does benefit me?

As time progresses, you will begin to see that specific products and/or categories will start to rank better. This is because social shopping sites have become highly, highly authoritative.

Want to dominate the front page of Search Engines with a product? Social Shopping sites can make that happen:

Second, your online store will receive a boost in traffic. It is important to remember that most visitors who end up clicking through, will usually have quite a bit of money to spend in your webshop.


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