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Digital Transformation – Intent Based Networking

he network is the critical platform that underpins all digital operation and transformation. However, for most companies, it is not operated as a system, but rather as a collection of devices that are manually configured to work together. In fact, 85% of network teams still use the Command Line Interface as the primary method to operate their networks…


Data Center Automation

This article is directed to you, CIO of an organization that made digital transformation your key initiative. My message to you is: you need to ensure your network infrastructure operations are transformed as a critical part of — and to support — this digital transformation….



5 Secrets Behind Apstra’s Intent-Based Networking Success

Apstra pioneered the use of intent-based reasoning for network operators. Now, intent-based-everything has become all the rage, with widespread analyst acclaim and lots of vendors jumping on the bandwagon.

Over the past 3+ years in the business, we think we’re getting the hang of what it means to create real value from intent-based technology. We’ve deployed in the world’s largest service providers and enterprises. We have learned from customers in multiple vertical markets including tech, finance, media, insurance, manufacturing, mobility, services, oil and gas, etc. It seems like everybody is engaging and learning to benefit from intent-based network systems…